Dreams and reflections

Why do I paint?
Why the nude in my work?
Why solitude, aloneness?


Why do I paint ?

Painting transcends, gives a direction to one’s life, it is the uncertainty in the infinite choice of possibilities. Everything has its place in a trajectory which links all the steps of life. Painting absorbs me, invades me, becomes an obsession and transforms, transfigures me. The intensity of the instant is an emotional weight which needs to be channeled and transmitted. It is a vital breath.

Art is an enrichment to personal development and suddenly reveals parts of self: an amplified state of consciousness.

I call for all the “Muses of Parnassus”, in order to keep my inspiration alive and vibrant.


Why the nude in my work ?

It opens the way to all possibilities and is the source of creativity. It is totally absorbed by the texture of the painting. It thereby becomes one with the cosmos. It is the object of my passion which embodies my cosmogony. It is a theater. The nude creates a sensual wave, nevertheless always preserved. It reveals beauty, essence and matter. I put my energy into capturing movements, from which I choose some elements in order for the painting to create its own shape. Content and  form adapt, evolve, mix and shape an architectural space. My nudes are part of an esthetic vision. Never perfect, but they strive toward that perfection, which is not part of this world. They can only be a suggestion.


Why aloneness, solitude ?

Why aloneness? For me, creation is closely linked to solitude. The gestation and the execution of my work need that component. It transcends me, helps me weave a link with the beyond. It is part of my person.

The human soul is silent.


Keys to the reading of my work

It is difficult to understand a work of art without comprehending the personality of the artist. I am fascinated by classical music and opera. I found in that expression the universe which defines me best. When, for instance, listening to the “concerto pour la main gauche”, by Maurice Ravel, it is all there : the strange harmonies, the mysterious sonorities, the vibration of colors, the contrast of rhythms. This substance is the mirror of my person and the pictorial opera which stems from it.

Nostalgic at times, but focused toward the future, I take responsibility for this contradiction. It forces me to question myself endlessly and, from that contradiction, I gather the very sensitivity which is the catalyst of my creation.

For me, painting is a proof of generosity, a way to organize chaos, put pictures on my internal music, at times dissonant or unfinished. This defines my unicity.

How can I define my work? Virtuosity?  Rhythm and tension?  Risk?  Internalized and externalized anguish? It should be mix of all of those notions.

My work follows its own path, outside any artistic courant. Always the same and always different, it chooses the shade in order to see the light. It is solitary, atypical, sometimes misunderstood.

So then? The strength and the meaning of a piece of art is not to serve the artist’s purpose but to live on its own, beyond all influences. It just “is”.

I impose upon myself criteria and values, of course subjective, which are compulsory in order for me to achieve my creations: avoiding easy seduction,  pretentiousness , transmitting the jubilation of painting and searching for mystery, going  beyond complacency and anecdote.

Fifty years of work give legitimacy to the discernment leading to this achievement.

by moxi