Born in Bienne, Switzerland, teacher then professor of drawing, he is a professional painter since 1984. Its pictorial techniques of predilection are:

Painting on canvas: mixed technique in the form of glacis

Washing on paper: Indian ink and pencil

Mural frescos and trompe-l'œil





1979 Gallery Bernard Letu, Geneva, Switzerland

1980-82-85 Gallery Florimont, Lausanne, Switzerland

1981-83 Gallery Atelier Cora, Hermance, Switzerland

1982 Gallery Christoffers, Zurich, Switzerland

1982 Gallery l’ Escapade Pierre Huber, Cartigny (Geneva), Switzerland

1983 Guest of honor, Salon des Nations, Paris, France

1984 Museum of Demdis. Belgium

1984 Knokke le Zut casino, Belgium

1985 Gallery Jan de Maer, Brussels Belgium

1985 Gallery Aelbricht, Rotterdam, Holland

1986 Gallery Cluny, Geneva, Switzerland

1988 Gallery Francis, Gstaad, Switzerland

1989 Gallery Schllossgasse 89, Zurich, Switzerland

1989 Retrospective “20 years of painting”, Communal House, Evilard, Switzerland

1991 Gallery Herouet, Paris, France

1993 Lyon' S Club, St-Tropez, France

1995-96 Terre des Arts, Paris, France

1996 Gallery Transit, Rome, Italia

1997 Gallery Fabrica, Brescia, Firenze, Italia

1998 Gallery La Tour, Martigny, Switzerland,

1999 Gallery Cour St-Pierre, Geneva, Switzerland

1999 Gallery Zeller, Bern, Switzerland

1999 Gallery Varta, Vilnius, Lithuania

2000 Gallery Rytz, Nyon, Switzerland

2002 Gallery Kasper, Morges, Switzerland

2002 Foundation Baula, Bienne, Switzerland

2004 Gallery du Tir, Genève, Switzerland

2006 Prize of the city of Montreux, exposition at Montreux Art Gallery, Switzerland




First Prize of the Challenge Arc-en-ciel, Lausanne. 1978

Silver medal of the International Challenge, Montreux. 1986

Participation at the Great International Prize “Contemporary Art” Monaco, 1986

Prize of excellence, New York, 1989

Cofounder, with his wife, of the school of Apollonism, 2000


by moxi